Benefits Of Routine Oil Changes


Getting the oil changed in your car is part of the routine maintenance and servicing it takes to keep it running efficiently and in as good of condition as possible. You can find information on how often your car should be having oil changes in the owner's manual, or by asking the mechanic. Keep reading to learn about some benefits you get to enjoy when you stay on top of having your car's oil changed when it should be.

4 November 2022

2 Repairable Engine Problems You Might Experience Over Time


Your car's engine is the lifeblood of your vehicle, so it's important to be aware of any problems that might arise. Some of these issues can be easily fixed, while others might require a more intense repair. Here are a few engine problems you might experience over time. Engine Noise Unusual engine noises are often sharp and loud and can be either constant or intermittent. It's important that you specify the type of engine noise you're hearing to your mechanic, as this will help them diagnose the problem.

6 October 2022

What's Causing Your Truck's Reduced Fuel Mileage?


While many drivers might not notice a fractional drop in miles per gallon, anyone who operates a commercial truck lives and dies by small changes in fuel economy. Losing 0.5mpg can mean a substantial difference in profitability over the 45,000 miles driven per year by the average semi-truck. While driving habits and maintenance can influence fuel economy, a sudden drop may indicate a more severe issue. Even if you aren't experiencing any other drivability issues with your truck, you should pay close attention to changes in fuel economy.

23 August 2022

Why B Services Use Synthetic Oil


When you will be taking your car for a B service, which is considered superior to an A service, several things will be done for your car. One service you'll receive is an oil change. Rather than using conventional oil, the B service replaces your oil with synthetic oil. You might wonder what the difference is between synthetic and conventional oil. Synthetic Vs. Conventional Oil The purpose of oil is to cool an engine and lubricate the engine parts.

23 August 2022

3 Habits That Could Harm Your Car Battery


The car battery starts the engine and powers the lights and other accessories. As such, you can't afford to have the battery fail even for a few minutes. While some reasons for battery failure, such as extreme weather conditions, are beyond your control, some driving habits can cause your car battery to die prematurely, necessitating an auto repair. Discover three driving mistakes that could harm your car battery. 1. Driving With the Headlights On When Unnecessary

21 July 2022

What You Need To Know About Auto Services


If you are a driver, taking care of your vehicle is vital. Keeping up with your vehicle's maintenance and addressing repairs quickly will keep your car running smoothly for years. Staying on top of auto services is crucial, but it can be more challenging than you expect if you aren't prepared. You'll need to watch for signs that your vehicle needs auto services and have a trusted mechanic do the work.

27 June 2022

Things To Know Before Getting A New Tire From A Mobile Tire Service


When it comes to replacing the tires on your car, there are some things you should know before getting a new one. This includes the type of tire, its benefits and downfalls, and how to prepare for when you get a new one. Take a look at these tips you can use to make sure your new tires are installed correctly. Your Tires May Need Replacing Nobody wants to think about it, but your tires may need to be replaced.

25 May 2022

Signs Of Failing Car Transmission


A car's transmission system transfers power created by the engine to the wheels, propelling your vehicle. Nevertheless, the transmission system wears down with time, calling for auto transmission repair. But, you may not know when to repair the transmission system. If you're not sure when to perform car transmission repair, watch out for these common indicators. Difficulty Changing Gears Your vehicle's gear system allows for changes in car speeds and direction, facilitating easy movement of your car.

6 May 2022

A High-End Vehicle Needs Repair Work Completed By Someone Who Respects And Understands Its Premium Pedigree


Owning a high-end vehicle manufactured by a premium auto brand can make you feel pretty good about yourself while you're out on the road or just catching glances from other drivers while pulling into the parking lot at the local grocery store. Having something go sideways with your premium vehicle though is obviously no fun at all. If your premium-brand vehicle is in need of auto repair, it's important that you take the time to find a local repair expert who is used to servicing your type of vehicle.

1 April 2022

Tire Repair Versus Tire Replacement: Factors To Consider When Determining Which Is Right For You


If you have a nail hole or other puncture in your tire, you may be wondering if a repair is possible. There are two different types of tire repairs that are available called tire patching and tire plugging. While many small punctures or holes can be repaired with one of these methods, not every tire can or should be repaired if it is damaged. Here are a few of the important factors to consider when deciding between tire repair or tire replacement.

23 February 2022