Signs Of Failing Car Transmission


A car's transmission system transfers power created by the engine to the wheels, propelling your vehicle. Nevertheless, the transmission system wears down with time, calling for auto transmission repair. But, you may not know when to repair the transmission system. If you're not sure when to perform car transmission repair, watch out for these common indicators. Difficulty Changing Gears Your vehicle's gear system allows for changes in car speeds and direction, facilitating easy movement of your car.

6 May 2022

A High-End Vehicle Needs Repair Work Completed By Someone Who Respects And Understands Its Premium Pedigree


Owning a high-end vehicle manufactured by a premium auto brand can make you feel pretty good about yourself while you're out on the road or just catching glances from other drivers while pulling into the parking lot at the local grocery store. Having something go sideways with your premium vehicle though is obviously no fun at all. If your premium-brand vehicle is in need of auto repair, it's important that you take the time to find a local repair expert who is used to servicing your type of vehicle.

1 April 2022

Tire Repair Versus Tire Replacement: Factors To Consider When Determining Which Is Right For You


If you have a nail hole or other puncture in your tire, you may be wondering if a repair is possible. There are two different types of tire repairs that are available called tire patching and tire plugging. While many small punctures or holes can be repaired with one of these methods, not every tire can or should be repaired if it is damaged. Here are a few of the important factors to consider when deciding between tire repair or tire replacement.

23 February 2022

3 Things That WON'T Stop A Junk Car Buyer


If you've got an old car on your property, the chances are good that you've been making some excuses for why you can't or shouldn't get rid of it. Unfortunately, there are very few benefits to letting an old car rot away on your property. Not only will your beater keep losing value, but you're also creating an environmental hazard that will only be more challenging to remove as time goes on.

2 February 2022

Keys to Buying Snow Plow Replacement LED Headlights


Whenever there are ample amounts of snow on the road, snow plows are used to clear it away. If you have one of these vehicles and represent a snow plowing company, one thing you'll need to get used to is replacing parts every now and then. If you're looking to purchase LED headlights in particular for this vehicle, use this advice to make the right choice. Make Sure Lights are Pre-Wired

6 January 2022

What Could Be Causing Your Car To Leak Fluid? 3 Types Of Fluid Leaks And What They Mean


A leakage of fluid in your car signals a problem in the internal components. Because of that, it is important to visit your mechanic as soon as you notice unexplained exudes of fluids from your car. Usually, a leak will manifest through pools of liquid underneath a parked vehicle.  Red or brown liquid indicates a leak of steering fluid, while yellow fluid indicates a coolant leak. On the other hand, silky or brownish fluids could emanate from the brake system.

24 November 2021

Why Should You Service Your Disc Brakes Between Replacements?


Modern disc brakes provide excellent performance on the road, along with reliability and relatively low maintenance costs. Although you may face some brake system repairs on older cars, you can usually get by simply by replacing your brake pads and rotors as needed. However, this approach doesn't do much more than keep your brakes working. Going a step further can ensure they remain at peak performance. What Happens During a Routine Disc Brake Service?

26 October 2021