Refrigerant Leak Or Bad Compressor?


When it comes to any air conditioner system, the compressor is usually the costliest and most challenging part to replace. Your car's air conditioning system uses similar components to a home AC, including a compressor unit that pressurizes the refrigerant before it enters the evaporator coils. A failed compressor will stop your air conditioner dead in its tracks. However, other problems with your air conditioning system can present similar symptoms to a compressor that's on its way out.

27 July 2021

4 Reasons To Choose An Enclosed Trailer


When choosing a trailer to buy, you're probably looking at price, longevity, maintenance and storage needs, and hauling capacity. But you also need to decide if you need an enclosed trailer or a more open one.  Here are some of the reasons why you should consider choosing an enclosed trailer even if the price is higher. 1. Keep livestock in If you plan to haul any livestock or even pets in your trailer at any point, you'll absolutely need a covered trailer.

21 June 2021

Diesel Power Stroke Engines and Getting the Most Out of Your Investment


When you are looking for a diesel engine, you want to make sure it has the power you need. Today, different diesel engine technology options can be installed in your truck or car. You want to consider the design of the engine, the turbo, and other features that will provide the power and performance you need. The following information will help you choose the right engine for your project: Big Diesel Block Designs for More Power

9 November 2020

Car Broke Down? How To Find A Repair Shop When You're From Out Of Town


When your car breaks down in town, you usually won't have a hard time choosing a repair service, especially if you have a shop that you regularly do business with. Unfortunately, you won't have that option if your car breaks down while you're out of town. When that happens, you have to rely on other methods to choose a repair shop. Instead of taking a chance on the first shop you find, use the advice of others to help you narrow your options.

28 December 2019

3 Reasons Your Wheels Are Covered In Brake Dust


Brake dust is mostly unavoidable. When you stomp on the brake pedal, your brake pads use friction to turn your car's motion into heat and ultimately dissipate that heat away into the atmosphere. In doing so, they sacrifice themselves, eventually wearing down to nothing. The black dust that accumulates on your wheels is what remains of your pads, which is a natural part of this process. Excessive brake dust may not be a result of normal wear and tear, however.

24 November 2019

Can Your Modern Aluminum Radiator Be Fixed?


Few problems are as urgent as a leaky radiator. Modern cars do not tolerate overheating well, and problems can escalate quickly once a car loses enough coolant to impact its ability to regulate temperature. Overheating for a minute or less can destroy a car's head gasket and even warp the head itself, quickly leading to four-figure repair bills. Because the potential for catastrophe is so great, it is crucial to repair coolant leaks as soon as you discover them.

21 October 2019

3 Signs Your Brake Calipers Need Service


Without a braking system that works properly, you will have a higher risk of being involved in an accident. Accidents not only affect the vehicle and other vehicles, but they can also lead to uncomfortable and even life-threatening injuries. Pads and rotors are imperative parts of your vehicle's braking system, but calipers are also essential because they suspend the brake pads to the rotors. Of course, most people do not realize their calipers are in distress.

1 August 2019